Ute's KinderSchule

A place for playing, a place for learning . German - English Bilingual Learning Experience



"I don't have enough words to thoroughly tell you how grateful we are that you are Aidan's teacher. You do so much more than teach! Certainly we are grateful for the incredible education you give to Aidan, but also for the love, nurturing, confidence, strength, joy, and spirit you freely give as well! "

"My son was enrolled in Frau Ute's class until Kindergarten (this year 2013-2014). We absolutley adored her. My son developed so much academically that it amazed us. She has a philosophy of developing and nurturing the "whole child". Learing about caring for our planet, what foods should be put in our bodies and foreign language, were a few my son's favorite topics. My son would come home singing songs and counting in German and Chinese! She is well traveled through different countries and brings her stories to our children. It opened up my son's eyes to a whole world that does'nt seem to be forgien or scary to him, but exciting. I felt as if my son is so much more cultured than I! She also seems to capture the children's attention in the most creative ways in which a raised voice is never needed! (A skill I've yet to learn at times!) She has the most balanced quality with kids of being nurturing and compassionate, but at the same time stern. My son really respected Frau Ute and loved her to death. My whole family adored Frau Ute, and forever grateful for the time our son was with her."


"With the recent tragedy in C.T. it has made our family stop and think how much we appreciate you. You are expected to do so much for our children. Teach them, nurture them, help in molding who they will grow up to become and protect them. I don't think you hear "Thank you " enough. So I wanted to thank you very much for all you do!! We love and appreciate you so much!!. And please know how much Cameron talks about you, and loves you."